Stock Control Project 

Block Design received a Digital Transformation grant to support a new shopfront for the website which integrates with their stock control system. 

We hope you enjoy using our website to shop our products:


Bring subtle pops of colour into your home interior with our colour led products designed for the home.

Inspire and captivate your imagination, and those of your guests with our carefully crafted coat racks, vases, candlesticks and more.

Whether your home boasts colour, minimalism or has a Scandic feel, our products are designed to slot into your everyday life with ease.


Unique to Block Design, our Pegboards are the perfect companion for a busy studio, office or kitchen.

A creative way to keep your life organised, to do lists pinned and an imaginative mind carefully planned out.

Pair them with our Pegboard Accessories, for a pop of colour, creativity, and a whole lot of fun!

Stationery and Deskware

Transform your office space with our colourful, design led range of desk accessories. Designed to motivate and captivate the imagination, our products will have your trail of thoughts flowing in no time.

A tidy desk, a tidy mind. 

Idle Hands

Build, create and be mindful with our beautiful design-inspired puzzles and games.

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