At Block Design we believe our business can be a platform for positive change.
We are a team, sharing beliefs and values, shaping the future of the business together. 
Let’s make this world a better place together, one creative spark at a time.

Check out the plastic free range!


Durable Design
Our aim is to bring joy, infusing life with colour, distinctive design and products made to last. We design objects to empower you to embrace your creative side.


Plastic Free
A large majority of product range is plastic free – our goal is to apply the same to our packaging. We’re always on the lookout for plastic free solutions to ship our product safely from A to B. Check out our products that are 100% plastic free in both material and packaging.


Waste Reduction
We’re working hard to put any waste created from our products back into production, reducing the amount we throw away.
Often you’ll find you receive your Block order in a different company's packaging. That is because we re-use any boxes delivered to us instead of letting them go to waste.


Carbon Footprint
We’re striving to reduce our carbon footprint throughout everything we do. 
Many members of our team walks, bikes or takes public transit to work.
We’re lucky to have many suppliers local to our rural studio and wherever possible we source from UK companies.
We know that everything we do has an impact and we’re committed to becoming carbon neutral. Working transparently, improving, learning and giving back - we use our creativity to promote positive and lasting change. 
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