New Idle Hands products launching at Top Drawer

We're excited to reveal our brand new products this coming weekend at Top Drawer.

We are adding to both our Idle Hands and ColorLab collection with exciting new additions.

You'll find a sneak peek below but we'd love to show you the newness in person. If you're planning a visit to Top Drawer you'll find us at stand E34 - hope to see you there!

Gradient Solitaire

Embrace colour theory whilst honing your problem solving skills with this classic game.

Use the colour wheel formation as a starting point, or make the palette your own.

Enjoy watching how the colours interact and relate to each other.

Gradient Tower

Watch the gradient evolve as the classic game of patience unfolds. Take turns to remove blocks, placing them on top of the tower. The colours interact beautifully as the tower builds. The player who makes the tower tumble is out of the game. Then it’s time to rebuild and place beautifully upon a shelf.

Gradient Playing Cards

Embrace colour theory whilst challenging your opponent to a game of cards.

Each suit is a different hue, enjoy watching how the colours interact and relate to each other as the game unfolds. 

Gradient Newton's Cradle

A colourful take on an iconic design.

Invite balance and calm into your workspace.

Enjoy the interaction of the colour gradient as the pendulum swings.

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