Chambers - The Home of British Made Pencils

Based in Nottinghamshire, family-run Chambers has been making pencils for over 100 years. We're very proud to work with such a prestigious UK company and jumped at the chance to explore the factory where our Gradient Sketching Pencils are made. 

Our hexagonal Gradient Sketching Pencils come in a range of graphite grades for all drawing styles and techniques. Our light to dark palette will guide you through the grades from fine and precise to soft and free.

Available in three colour ways; pink, blue and green, the palettes were selected from single Pantone swatch cards to create a smooth and subtle gradient.

Lead designer Tara's idea for the Gradient Sketching Pencils was conceived during a weekly life drawing class. "Having had to search through my traditional grey set each time I needed a 6B in place of a HB or 2H, it occurred to me there must be an easier way to differentiate the pencils. The constant scramble for the required pencil slowed down my sketching, interrupting the creative flow."

During our visit to the Chambers factory we saw the pencil making process through from lead layering to painting. It was fascinating to see the craftsmanship that goes into each one of our packs of pencils.

The Chambers Pencils factory is home to 21 individual machines, that all contribute to the manufacturing process, some of which date back to the 1920’s and have been passed down through generations.

The Chambers family have been part of the pencil industry for over 100 years. The idea to start making pencils was thought up by Frederick Chambers (below), a foundry manager at Stanton Iron Works and a gentleman documented as Mr Brown, a timber merchant from Nottinghamshire. At the time, the majority of pencils used in England were imported, so their theory was that the war looming would create a pencil shortage.

Read more about the history of Chambers Pencils here.

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