Each year we keep a close eye on the Dezeen Awards to glimpse an insight into the world's best architecture, interiors and design. This month Dezeen will announce the winners of their public vote, stay tuned to their website to be the first to know the results!

We were so inspired by the Small Workspace Interior category, a collection of inspirational spaces. We love to visualise the varied workspaces of creatives around the world when designing our range of stationery and deskware. Here's a look at this year's shortlist entries - all images are credited to the Dezeen website.


"Beyond Space filled the entire space with a rippling of ceiling-to-floor, semi-transparent, ocean-hued drapes laser cut to hew out distinct spaces serving both office and retail purposes. Through the folds, sightlines across the entire space are retained, never losing the connection with its inspiration, the water of Amsterdam's IJ-river." Dezeen 

We love the serenity of the space, so clean and calm! The different shades of pale blue create a harmonious vibe we definitely need here on a Monday...


DJA Studio renovated this space to celebrate the history of the original building, contrasting the old with the new.

"The project's ambition was to showcase the practice's own workspace as a place of experimentation, to articulate a more nuanced stance on what re-use can achieve within a culture that prioritizes the new." Dezeen

What a great use of this space, a glorious combination of old and new! Our studio is located in an old Forge. We have lovingly renovated ensuring we keep original features where possible, including our beautiful beams.


DDAA has designed hasami pottery brand Maruhiro's new office is in an 86-year-old Japanese house.

"The goal was to boldly change the impression of the existing one with as little modification as possible and also to create a space that is not fixed in function or concept." Dezeen

This is a style we have tried to achieve in our own studio and workshop. The glass creates an open and spacious environment open to change and evolution.


Sher maker's studio designed their own working space for a multi-disciplinary working practice.

"A small humble gable roof covering natural ambiance was designed to give users an inside experience. To focus what we pursue to do interior and exterior space to link and almost blend in with each other in a working environment that we are impressed with during working." Dezeen.

This blended inside/outside space looks hugely productive. We try to promote this feel in our studio and in our customers but adding to our collection of inside plant products. Plants not only keep the inside air clean, but promote calm and positivity. We're getting better at keeping our beautiful house plants alive thanks to our in-house budding botanist Ash!


The final entry is a beautifully converted barn in neighbouring Devon.

"Architect Thomas Randall-Page has renovated and updated an agricultural barn in Devon, England, to create a studio and archive space for his father, the sculptor Peter Randall-Page.

The building, named Art Barn, is located in the countryside on the edge of the Dartmoor National Park. The project brief called for the barn's appearance to remain largely unchanged and for its new functions to be accommodated within the existing envelope." Dezeen
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